Proudct Deep Dive: Intrawar

The only way to progress is an intense, consistent, progressive exercise regimen.

Your body has to be forced to a point where it must adapt to survive.

Unfortunately, it often takes more to come back from that point than we can handle before the next workout rolls around!

That is where INTRA-WAR 2.0  comes into its own!

Recovery is the name of the game and that is where utilising INTRA-WAR 2.0 during your training, or throughout the day can assist in drastically improving recovery and driving physical performance!

With a clinical dose of a range of performance driving amino acids and compounds, INTRA-WAR 2.0 is loaded with:

  • 5000mg of AMINO9 Essential Amino Acids 
  • 3000mg of INSTAMINO fermented BCAAs,
  • 2000mg of Glutamine 
  • 2000mg of L-Citrulline Malate
  • 1,500mg of Betaine 
  • 100mg of Cell Charge Fulvic Mineral Blend

INTRA-WAR 2.0 will help to:

  • Prevent Muscle break down,
  • Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis,
  • Ensure adequate hydration and prevent cramping,
  • Combat fatigue, and
  • Promote endurance

Stacks perfectly with Primabolic’s WARFARE RIPPED or GRIND to bring the War every time and keep coming back stronger each day!