The 40 Day Primal Challenge

      The Primal challenge is a 6 week experiment to see the maximum fat loss you can achieve with the best nutrition and supplementation money can buy.

      It will include hundreds of dollars in value including a Dietitian designed nutrition plan to follow with a Vegetarian option available, as well as an extensive supplement guide and closed Facebook Forum to give you the upmost support through the next 40 Days!

      We have designed this Challenge to be the perfect guide for everyone!

      This is NOT ONLY for dedicated gym junkies.

      The Primal Challenge is for the everyday hardworking people who want a healthier, more active lifestyle AS WELL AS the advanced athlete looking to get that extra improvement in their body composition.

      This challenge will go for 40 Days, so you have nearly 6 weeks to focus on achieving maximum results for your shot at the grand prize!

      When Does It Start and Finish?

      Registration will open on Saturday 13th June, 2020 for the Primal Challenge

       Registrations will close on Sunday the 28th of June meaning you have a little over 2 weeks to enter the challenge with the commencement date being Monday the 29th Of June.

      The Challenge will end Friday the 7th of August.


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