Cutting Stack

Cutting Stack

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Cutting Stack is all about providing you with the essentials for the perfect fat loss experience. Perform your best with Primabolics


  • Warfare Ripped - 2 IN 1 Fat Burner + Pre Workout formula
  • Primabolics Shaker - Mix up all your essentials in here!
  • Whey Ripped - 3 Protein Blend including digestive enzymes, Ashwaganda  for lowered stress, and creating a more effective environment for muscle growth
  • Metabolyz - Adrenal, stress support matrix with a low stim component


  • A.M - use Metabolyz with 300 - 400 ml of water
  • Pre workout - use Warfare Ripped 15 - 30 mins prior to exercise
  • Post workout - Use Whey Ripped  with  250 - 350 ml of water

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