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The Products that works when your not!

The Thyroid gland requires a host of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to function at optimal capacity.

The conversion of the Thyroid hormone T4 to T3 (the far more metabolically active form) is largely what dictates the “Basal Metabolic Rate” of an individual as well as influencing their cortisol, hormonal balance and gut health.

METABOLYZ  has been formulated to provide EVERY vitamin and mineral required in this process of conversion and formation of the Thyroid hormones including:

  • Vit B2
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Selenium
  • Iodine
  • Vit B6
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vit B12 (We use the superior Methyl B12)
  • Vit C

This will allow optimal function of your Thyroid and thus optimise your basal metabolic rate.

But we have gone a step further!

In addition to Thyroid function, your hormonal balance, cortisol levels and propensity to burn stored fat as a preferential fuel source will largely dictate your success in your fat loss efforts. To this end we have also added a solid 1500mg dose of L-Carnitine allowing efficient transportation of long chain fatty acids to be burned as fuel in the mitochondria of the cell, thus liberating your fat stores to be burned as fuel. In addition, we have thrown in Chromium Chelate to stabilise blood sugar and increase Insulin Sensitivity to further optimise your body for fat loss.

We have also added a moderate amount of natural caffeine coming from Green Coffee Bean Extract and Teacrine to allow for hours of clean energy and increase calorie burn from increasing thermogenesis.

Finally, we have added an adaptogenic herbal complex consisting of Yerba Mate, Coleus forskholi and Withania Somnifera to lower Cortisol, balance your Thyroid hormone production and conversion as well as optimise your Estrogen to Testosterone ratio. In studies, Withania at the dosage used in METABOLYZ (300mg) lowered Cortisol by 32%, with a consequent rise in Testosterone of 15%. These kind of significant hormonal balancing effects can spell fantastic results for your fat loss campaign.

Implementing  METABOLYZ  into your supplement regime gives you a 45 serve:

  • Thyroid optimising complex of powerful adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals
  • ZMA complex to further optimise hormonal production.
  • A general health multi-vitamin supplement
  • A powerful thermogenic, and
  • Hormonal balancing and Cortisol lowering supplement.

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Grant R.
Australia Australia

Meta is the bomb

Best product I’ve used by far better than any thermo I be used and I’ve used plenty thx will awesome awesome

Sean .
Australia Australia


Absolutley love this product! It's my morning pick me up, fat loss aid, has heaps of minerals, vitamins, focus ingredients, and acetyl - carnitine for fat loss. definitely huge fan of Strawberry kiwi flavour!

Marcus Z.
Australia Australia

Metabolyz review

Great stimulant and thermogenic product that fires me up whenever I hit a circuit routine! Especially great for anyone who is on a diet and prep for a competition to strip away fat!


Thanks you for the review Marcus were happy your enjoying Metabolyz!