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We take pride in the QUALITY of our sourced ingredients!
We've chosen a protein that we not only desired for ourselves but also for everyone seeking a well-trusted product.

That's why we take pride in our renowned protein,
sourced and manufactured in Australia,
and crafted from top-grade grass-fed cattle.


Searching for a health and wellness product that genuinely tastes pleasant?
Our formula is crafted to WORK! And not only does it work, it genuinely tastes fantastic!



Iso-Ripped - Great tasting protein with clean ingredients and this is sweetened with stevia unlike most protein that is sweetened with sucralose that spike my blood sugar. The quality and taste of this protein is absolutely top notch and I hope you introduce the caramilk flavour in this range as well. I purchased mine from Fat burners only and the service was excellent.


For the Non - Caffeine Addicts (Cleanest Pre - Workout)

Grind is spectacular and I highly recommend it. I’m very cautious when it comes to pre-workout supplements due to the high dosages of caffeine and other additives. Personally, I’ve never needed it, but this supplement is an absolute game changer. A non - stim pre workout that maximises your blood flow, increasing your endurance, strength and power to finish those sets ! It’s honestly a complete performance formula without your harsh additives. No need for caffeine, this product right here will give you the cleanest pump you’re looking for, no doubt about it. It comes in a variety of enjoyable flavours,
Mango is personally my favourite.
Even better, it’s Australian made !
You won’t regret this one,
I promise you 💯

Kameron Jordan

Great taste!

Everday Health! I’ve previously tried other greens products and not enjoyed it because of the “grassy” taste and let me tell you, this one actually tastes amazing! I got the strawberry kiwi and it goes down like a treat. Highly recommend it

Alyssa Galway

Iso-ripped is the best protein I have ever had!

So far I’ve had vanilla cake mix, banana cream pie and strawberry white chocolate and I am obsessed! It not only tastes great but also has all these added vitamins that most other protein powders don’t have! I’m smashing all my goals and it’s all thanks to primabolics x

Sarah Murray

(Metabolyz) Energy drink habit kicked

I developed a bad energy drink morning routine to get me through the first half of the day during covid. Im not a coffee drinker so finding something to break the cycle was hard. I gave Metabolyz a go and haven't looked back. Cannot recommend the strawberry kiwi flavor enough and thats coming from someone with picky taste buds.