In the Gym with Primabolics


The Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Supplementation for Fat Loss

The most peeled gym goers at your local weights emporium are typically extremely dedicated individuals. They have often forgone many of life’s simple pleasures in pursuit of single digit body fat percentages.

Diet, cardio and intensive weight training protocols are the norm, all while heavily depleted and living on broccoli and steamed fish.

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Why Measurements Trump Scales

Scale weight is one the most temperamental measurements of body composition.

Depending on what time of the day you weigh in, how many meals you have consumed, your carbohydrate intake, your fluid intake, your sleep quality, your hormonal profile at that period and even that time of the month for female trainees, will massively impact the numbers you see staring back up at you!

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Sled Work for Muscle and Speed!

Often left at your local football club, strongman gym or local sports team shed to gather dust, prowler sleds are the performance enhancing powerhouses of yesteryear!
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Build Max Muscle with One Lift

The most frequent question I receive via email, in retail outlets and read on internet forums each day is

“How can I build the most muscle, the fastest?”

And fair enough. It’s a fairly standard question.

We all want to look and perform at our best, and in this high pace world, none of us want to wait for it.

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3 Simple Tips Towards Injury Prevention

Injuries are the ugly cousin of progress.

The longer you consistently lift heavy objects, pound the pavement, continue to jump further and aim higher in your training, the greater the wear and tear on your musculature, connective tissue and ligaments.

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