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Counting Macros vs Micros: Which Are Most Important for Your Gains

In my recent article on a discussion of the pros and cons of the If It Fit Your Macros movement, it was discussed in depth the profound nutritive difference that can be had in two macro nutritionally identical food choices.

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Reverse Dieting: The Answer to the Diet Blowout

You have spent months in a calorie deficit, depleting glycogen, lowering dietary carbohydrates and dropping body fat like its hot!

You have arrived at your goal after a seemingly endless amount of cardio and steamed Basa, you have completed your perfect desired look, and are now looking to return to normality.

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Keto; Is It For You?

Ketogenic dieting has become an absolutely viral means of losing those unwanted pounds.

It has been touted as the quickest way to lose serious poundage and has been popularised by mainstream media in recent months to boot.

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If it Fits Your Macros

Dieting. Counting calories. Cardio. Weights. Meal prep. Boiled chicken and SOOO much broccoli!

We get it. It sucks.

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Good Fats, Bad Fats and Hormone Production

The title of this article implies there is going to be a discussion around the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ types of fats that should, or shouldn’t be in your diet.


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