Primabolics Product Deep Dives


The Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Supplementation for Fat Loss

The most peeled gym goers at your local weights emporium are typically extremely dedicated individuals. They have often forgone many of life’s simple pleasures in pursuit of single digit body fat percentages.

Diet, cardio and intensive weight training protocols are the norm, all while heavily depleted and living on broccoli and steamed fish.

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Product Deep Dive: Warfare

The country's most popular pre workout has returned better than ever! 

Key changes to the original WARFARE have been made to ensure:

  • More rapid onset of intense energy
  • Greater Muscle pumps (which no one thought possible after the original)
  • Greater endurance

These changes have been brought about by inclusion of such ingredients as Dynamine, Betaine, and the revolutionary ingredient Potassium Nitrate for road map vascularity!

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Product Deep Dive: Metabolyz

Metabolyz is a truly unique, stand alone product in the Australian Supplement market.

Implementing Metabolyz into your supplement regime gives you a 45 serve:

  • Thyroid optimising complex of powerful adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals
  • ZMA complex to further optimise hormonal production.
  • A general health multi-vitamin supplement
  • A powerful thermogenic, and
  • Hormonal balancing and Cortisol lowering supplement
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Proudct Deep Dive: Intrawar

The only way to progress is an intense, consistent, progressive exercise regimen.

Your body has to be forced to a point where it must adapt to survive.

Unfortunately, it often takes more to come back from that point than we can handle before the next workout rolls around!

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Product Deep Dive: Warfare Ripped

The marketplace of sports supplements is one that is truly laden with near infinite choices for the consumer!

There are supplements to improve almost all areas of life from plugging nutritional gaps in your diet, to enhancing muscle building, endurance, performance, power output, improving sleep quality, mood, energy, focus and just about anything else you could think of!

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