Supplement Science

How Thyroid Can Affect Training Results

Despite near daily reference in mainstream media and the fitness industry at large, the metabolism is still the most widely misunderstood system of the human body.

Ask the average trainee about metabolic function, and they will throw around questions and statements like

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Withania: The Wonder Herb

Ashwaganda. Withania Somnifera. Indian Ginseng. Winter Cherry. Poison Gooseberry.

There is a reason that people have bothered to give it so many names over its centuries used in Ayruvedic medicine.

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Supplements to Enhance Your Metabolism

If you spent half an afternoon Googling weight loss articles, you would find yourself rather intimately familiar with an idea.

This idea is that you must boost your metabolism at all costs to burn more calories at rest and enhance your fat loss efforts.

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Myth Busting 101: Supplements for Her

The weather is warming up.

Day light savings has kicked in.

Suddenly that 5am cardio alarm doesn’t seem so terrible, and when you leave work, instead of gunning for date night with your favourite hoodie and some take away, you find yourself leaning towards the door and dusting of your old joggers from last Summer.

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

With literally mountains of new data emerging weekly on Vitamin D, it’s beginning to appear like your parents generation were on to something when they said a bit of sunshine is good for what ails you!

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