Supplement Science

Electrolytes 101

Almost anyone you mention the word ‘electrolyte’ to immediately conjure up associations with athletic endurance, performance and rehydration. Whilst this is by no means incorrect to have such associations, they are commonly understood in the context of hydration only, despite serving countless other roles in the body!

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L-Citrulline Supplement Spotlight

Resistance training has several mechanisms of causing muscular hypertrophy.

One vital mechanism is facilitated by the working muscle being engorged in blood, swelling in size, stretching the fascia, delivering nutrients and transporting away toxins. Known around the gym floor simply as the ‘pump’, the true importance of this increase in blood flow in the working muscle is often understated.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Supplementation for Fat Loss

The most peeled gym goers at your local weights emporium are typically extremely dedicated individuals. They have often forgone many of life’s simple pleasures in pursuit of single digit body fat percentages.

Diet, cardio and intensive weight training protocols are the norm, all while heavily depleted and living on broccoli and steamed fish.

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Advanced Bulking Supplementation Stack for Bodybuilders-Off Season Muscle Growth

Line up 10 guys at your local gym and growing muscle mass is likely to be the goal of at least half of them. Go to Gold’s gym and it’s more likely closer to all 10 of them!

But the key difference from those true freaks you see at your local gym, apart from genetic advantages or taboo enhancements, is a thorough working knowledge of supplement optimisation along with a sickening work ethic.

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