Collection: Premium Apparel

We here at Primabolics Nutrition pride ourselves on building products from the highest quality, most premium raw materials possible! 

This is why when we decided to launch an Active Wear range we didn't just go with any old blank, generic garments we could find and just print our logo on them. 

We built these from scratch. 

Over months and months and months.

We spent thousands on samples.

And a seemingly endless time on developing the perfect fit, durability and aesthetic for our clothing line we could possibly build! 

And this starts with our Fleece Lined, medium weight Lifestyle Hoodie!

Available now in Charcoal Grey in 5 sizes, you can truly feel first hand what it feels to be part of the team.

Just like the hoodie says, "We Are Prima" every time we use a Primabolics supplement, and now when you wear our premium quality apparel!