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ISO-RIPPED is a premium quality, Australian manufactured Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (HWPI). It represents the perfect post workout designed to help you with getting the most out of your recovery while supporting an overall goal of fat loss! 

This type of Whey Protein is the most refined of all the Whey protein varieties and is manufactured by treating purified whey protein with enzymes that split peptide bonds off the whey protein structure.

The process results in an extremely high quality hydrolysed protein, with a cleaner taste and faster absorption then any other type of Protein on the market!

The resulting HWPI contains highly bioactive peptide fractions that can help protect your hard earned muscle. 

The peptide fractions are absorbed faster and reach muscle cell sites quicker than free-form amino acids and all other protein sources including standard whey protein isolate. This is good news for trainers who want a fast acting protein with ZERO LACTOSE.

But we went a step further!

In addition, we have added a vitamin complex to help replenish spent nutrients from hard training, whilst also filling any gaps in your diet!

Then we added Chromium Picolinate that is shown to stabilise blood sugar and help with Insulin sensitivity so if your post workout has any carbohydrates, Chromium assists in shuttling this to the muscle vs storing it as body fat! 

Finally we have added Digestive Enzymes to help with any digestive issues like bloating, gas and distension that you may get if you have any sensitivities to any other whey proteins or dairy. 

This makes ISO-RIPPED the perfect low calorie, low fat, low carb, high protein post workout or daily protein shake to help you with getting to a healthier, leaner you! 

Customer Reviews

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George Dragatsis

Flavour- AMAZING
Texture - AMAZING
Does not go lumpy at all and mixes-- AMAZINGLY
Macros-- AMAZING
Is the only WPI I will ever use. I have 5 buckets of different flavours and will make sure is stock on all flavours. This is phenomenal!

Product Sensitivity for Type 2 Diabetics

I bought this product yesterday as its low in carb, low sugar and has Stevia in it. It taste great however this morning when i took it i checked my before and after sugar reading it spiked from 9.9 to 17.8. That was a bit scary as i dont understand what is in the product that caused this spike. Happy to hear from customer support about this. I just used one scoop in water.

However, when i took reading again after 1 hr it dropped to 10.2 which is a big spike in one hr to go up and down. Not sure if this is because i took it pre workout and only supposed to take it post work out. But it tastes great and not heavy atall on stomach.

Luis Stanziola
Loving it

Love the products and the service. Well done Prima Team!

Best protein on the market

I have been using both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours consistently for a few months now. I have had issues with other brands that have had hidden nasties/preservatives in their products which have irritated my gut, but this is much different. Flavour and consistency are top-notch, and no digestive problems. On top of that, the customer service I continue to receive is impeccable.

Anja Hurley
Superior product - superior service

100% can recommend this beautiful product and customer focused company!



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