Product Deep Dive: Warfare Ripped

The marketplace of sports supplements is one that is truly laden with near infinite choices for the consumer!

There are supplements to improve almost all areas of life from plugging nutritional gaps in your diet, to enhancing muscle building, endurance, performance, power output, improving sleep quality, mood, energy, focus and just about anything else you could think of!

For all of the categories however, the 2 looming giants within this Supplement space are definitively Fat burners and Pre workouts.

These are the 2 biggest selling categories that anyone could hope to bring to the party, they will help you run longer, jump higher, rip more weight off the floor and drive fat oxidation at accelerated rates.

But until now, the 2 have been mutually exclusive. A pre workout is a product containing researched active ingredients like Creatine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline, Arginine and Betaine that will promote endurance, power output and blood flow for enhanced nutrient delivery. These are die hard, work load enhancing supplements made with the sole purpose of making your time in the weights room a little more sadistic!

Fat burners are just that as well, they are purely made to drive thermogenic pathways, resulting in increased energy, focus, mood, satiety and fat loss.

However, the obvious question is as soon as your goal shifts to fat loss then you are left with either a Fat Burner as your pre workout of choice which will provide none of the performance benefits of a dedicated pre workout supplement. Or you choose a pre workout and purchase a fat burner in addition, leaving you with a staggering supplement bill and a daily caffeine intake likely to give most GP’s an aneurism.

It is within this paradigm that WARFARE RIPPED was born.

When you ask

“What is a fat burner I can use as a pre workout?”

WARFARE RIPPED will come to the calling.

Ripped is a product that has all of the active ingredients of a dedicated pre workout product, PLUS those of a comprehensive fat loss supplement.

Citrulline and Potassium Nitrate for muscle pumps and nutrient delivery, Betaine for power output, fat loss and endurance, Nootropics such as L-Theanine, Tyrosine, Hordinine and Alpha GPC to give razor focus and then the fat burning panel starts!

Coleus Forskholi at 200mg delivers a clinical dosing (especially when stacked with METABOLYZ) of Forskolin that drives increased T4 and T3 output from the Thyroid and increased cellular levels of Cyclic AMP (cAMP). In simple terms, your metabolism will be running faster and more efficiently. Then add in 2,000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine to mobilise stored fatty acids for oxidation in the mitochondria of the cell. Stack this with Synephrine which acts as a potent Central Nervous Stimulant and Beta Agonist for stubborn fat mobilisation and top all of this off with Hordenine for improved energy, mood, and fat loss.

This is a formula designed to be a leader in its class.

A class that it has created by itself for that matter.

RIPPED comes in a 60 scoop package allowing fully customisable performance levels based on your individual tolerance, and is the first of its kind combining two of the most popular supplement categories of the market place today; a pre workout and a fat burner.

Pumps, Endurance, Strength, Sweat, Heat, Focus, Mood and Energy in one convenient bundle, what more could you ask from your next supplement purchase?!